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TRICON is an Australian company, owned and operated by Australians collaborating globally with world-class specialist with vast knowledge and best practice in management across the spectrum of engineering, research, design, manufacturing, material science, operations, safety and project.

While we partner with leading global solution providers through Exclusive Distribution and OEM agreements; we pride in providing the “Solution& Options” that are best suited to your requirements.

What We Do:

We undertake extensive data collection, research on process conditions, MRO requirements and undertake extensive background research &work with global specialists to provide you with a solution that is based on:

Research & Innovation:

Focused on improving material, condition, design and delivery to maximize performance of your assets

Reliable Solution:

Manufacture, procure and integrates “condition based” solution specifically for your Severe Service Application

Transparent: Communicate features, benefits, cost &lead-time of available options &solution

We believe in providing appropriate options so that you are empowered to make the right decision that best meets your operational requirements.

How We Do:

We support clients with a focused approach that increases reliability & asset performance while reducing risk, maintenance and cost.

T– Test & Audit Assets (Valves, flange and associated parts)

R – Record &Reporton Maintenance (preventative, predictive & corrective)

I – Integrity of Valve to improve asset performance

C–Commissioning of Valves and associated systems

O – Optimisation of MRO& Spares

N–Nifty & Innovative Solution